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When doing commissions, the cool thing about it is bringing out peoples ideas to what they envisioned. The upside is, you get explore interesting characters, either it being an original character or a finical character from an anime, game...etc.

The down side of doing commissions are when you get trolled or when someone straight up wants something free. I've had a couple of people in the pass that wanted something for free, and it never bothered me, I just stopped communicating with the person and moved on with my other projects. But what's shitty is when you get scumbags, like this person: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/67708836 just straight up trolling.

I'll give you guys the small story, so basically this dipshit wanted a commissioned drawing of cream the rabbit, (Aged Up and Short stacked) while sunbathing on the wing of the tornado. When the final sketch was approved, I sent him my paypal so I could finish the work, and that's when he blow me off, saying thanks for the shitty sketch.

So if you're an artist either rookie or pro artist just block this person if you have a Pixiv account, don't give this shit for brains any shit, because his probably waiting for it.

As for the commission, I might finish it and maybe change it, perhaps a different character, don't know yet, what do you think? I'll put a link up to show what it looks like: https://sta.sh/05kl99518bj

Now how I normally work when doing commissions is, I first do the sketch and show it for approval or in need of improvement. Once the Final sketch has been approved, I then send my paypal details over to get payed and finish off the commission of what the commissioner wanted, being Inked, Flat or full color.

So yeah, send out a warning to your favourite artist about this guy.


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